Rethink the way we age

Communication and Engagement

For baby boomers and younger, life is unthinkable without online chats, web surfing, Facebook, Smartphones, video games, Skype, texting, and so on. Yet the majority of seniors may be unaware or less familiar with these 24*7 ways to stay in touch with their circle of people. Whether it is checking how grandma is doing at home or having a nice little video chat with grandpa when he is not by your side, Nova, the smart home guardian, is there for you.

Safety and Security

From connected light bulbs to smart locks, smart home tech is evolving rapidly, which makes “aging in place” a reality for many older adults. Beyond retrofitting the home and activating home alarm systems, with protected privacy, Nova will keep an eye on seniors. Moreover, it will connect the seniors to the help they need when emergency like fall is detected.

Health and Wellness

The risks associated with obesity, lack of exercise, and chronic diseases only worsen with age. Nova monitors seniors' vital signs periodically and let seniors virtually communicate with care providers to minimize potential health risks.

Learning and Contribution

Once the basic needs of communication, safety, and health are addressed, people have both the need and capacity to continue to contribute and volunteer in the society to try to make a positive and long lasting impression for those who love them. Nova could help seniors sort among online programs and auditable courses through various resources.


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