Armorvisor Screen Protector

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    Armorvisor Screen Protector (3rd Generation)
    Blue Linght Cut / Anti Blue Linght

    Protect your eyes and screen.
    Do you have this symptoms ?
    -Dry ot itchy eyes
    -Tired eyes
    -Blurred vision
    - Poor sleep or insomnia
    Then you might have digital eyestrain problem!

    Effectively prevents damage of the retina to protect eyesight.
   2D full coverage armorvisor can filter harmful bluelight and ultraviolet rays
   ranging from 500 nm and below.
   It is also able to filter 90% harmful bluelight from 380nm to 430 nm.
   Harmful high-energy shortwave blue lights can be filtered out to protect the retina.
   Shortwave blue rays penetrate through the retina and can cause pain , fever , dry eyes among other symptoms.

   The extreme hardness of the screen protector assures a strong resistance against scratches like from keys or other sharp objects .

    It support the below brand mobile phone: iPhone 6/iPhone
    6 Plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8/iphone 8+ /iPhoneX

    Size of carton CBM : 50x44x39 cm
    Quantity : 150 pieces
    Weight : 23.5 kg

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