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  • Model "Snake" phone Holder stick

Model "Snake" phone Holder stick

Product Code: Snake / MS


Packaging A Price/1 PC: 7.4 ¥
( 7.7 ¥) Packaging B Price/1 PC: 7.7 ¥
( 10.8 ¥) Packaging B1 Price/1 PC: 10.8 ¥

This product has a minimum quantity of 1000
7.4 ¥
Weight/1 PC: 14.00 g
Price are subject to change, the price is valid to: 13/05/2019
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Model "Snake" phone Holder stick

Since we spend a lot of time on your phones , why not make it more convenient while we are at it ? 

With Momostick , your thumb is now more versatile that ever before. 

Has there ever been a product that serves as a smartphone holder,

prevent drops , able to mount on cars and portable during workouts ?

Momostick is only one ! 


Easy and safe for handed operation. 

One finger is enough to carry a phone.

Self standing ( horizontal/ Vertical)

Adjustable flexible finger grip . 

Supports wireless charging. 

Selfie? No problem.

Momo clip 

Momo clip with its genuine 3M double sided tape ,

sticks virtually on any flat surface and easy to slide in phones with Momostick attached. 


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