Laser Robotic Vacuum Cleaner X700

Product Code: X700

This product has a minimum quantity of 1000
1 091.4 ¥
Price/1 PC: 1 091.4 ¥
Weight/1 PC: 3.50 kg
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Designed for carpet. Deep cleaning bristle brush and superior suction power extract stubborn dirt and debris from the carpet.

Color -  black / can be customized

material Abs (IML + inserts)

Dimension 350*101mm

Net Weight 3.4kg

Nominal Voltage 14.8V

Working Current 1A-1.5A

Power 25W

Battery capacity 2600mAh Li-ion battery

Rotating speed of fan 18000r/s

Cleaning Mode Smart Clean ( Gyro), Edge Clean, Single room , Spot Clean

Clean All Floor Types wood, tile, marble, carpet, etc

Water tank type Electronic control

Voice Prompt English / Customize

Accessories Adapter,Remote controller,Charging

base,Filter,Side brushes,Mop cloth ( optional), E-Water Tank ( optional), Magnetic Strip(optional), Cleaning tool

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