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Bluetooth speaker - humidifier

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Weight/1 PC: 1.20 kg
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New stylish Bluetooth speaker humidifier

Listen to Your favorite music via Bluetooth, or through a memory card, you can connect headphones!

Humidification of air - will make the air in the room fragrant and humidified.

Operating voltage : 12V3A

Speaker : 66mm:10w;42mm:5w+42mm:5w

Water tank capacity : 260 ml 

Amount of spray : around 50 ml 

Material : PG/ ABS/ PP/ fabric

Continuous Spray mode: around 5 hours

Gap spray mode : around 10 hours

Product size : 164*204

Product Wright: 1.2 kg 

Charging input: 12V3A

Bluetooth version : 4.2 

Frequency range: 50 Hz- 20KHs

Signal to noise / ratio: 75 db


Button resolution

* Ambient light button . Red - green light  - blue light - white light - turn off the light - colorful light switch

* Previous song / volume . Tap the previous track ; Long press volume down

* Play / pause ; Answer / hang up. 

Tap to play when playing music/ time out ; Tap to answer the call when you call

* Next track / Volume + . Click on a song; Long press volume up

* Mode switch. Bluetooth mode/ TF card / AUX Music playback mode switching

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