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Portable disposable charger for Android, iPhone

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5V 1A Power Bank 1450 mAh Portable Emergency Start Device Power Bank Disposable Battery Charger for Android iPhone


1. Brand new lithium batteries, can provide charge for iPhone and Android.

2. Built-in charging connector, no USB cable needed for data transfer.

3. Small and portable

4. Intelligent charging, discharging and short circuit protection.

5. Compatible with 99% USB charging equipment on the market, such as all kinds of mobile phones, for iPad, MP3, MP4, for IPHONE, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras, etc.

6. Mini, emergency, easy to carry, can be carried on an airplane, necessary for adventure / leisure / travel, business, etc.


1. Dimensions: About 58 mm * 53 mm * 11 mm / 2.28 * 2.09 * 0.43 inches

2. Battery Features: high quality polymer batteries

3. Case Material: ABS Plastic

4. Available colors: black and white

5. Output power: DC 5V-1A

6. Standard: universal for iphone and android

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