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  • Under the desktop wireless charging for 5W

Under the desktop wireless charging for 5W

Product Code: EKR0535

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Wireless charging which is mounted under a table or other separating object with a maximum width of 40 mm, and through a table or other object it is possible to contactless charge your gadget or smartphone. This is the latest in 2019.

Contactless wireless charger for 5W

EKR 5W is a long-distance wireless charging transmitter which is compatible with Qi.
It adopts the technology of low-frequency magnetic resonance and wireless charging.
This product, whose maximum charging distance is 40mm, consists of a magnetic resonance wireless charging transmitter and a desktop magnetic shielding patch.
It utilizes a number of proprietary technologies, including split coil technology, separating shielding technology, and adaptive mask tracking technology, etc.

Wireless charging standard Compatible with Qi-BPP

Working frequency 115k-140kHz

RX output voltage / current 5V/1A

TX input voltage / current DC 19V/1A

Charging area φ20mm

Charging distance 12mm-40mm

Typical charging efficiency 63%@25mm (Samsung S7)

Protective functions Protection for overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature and foreign substance detection

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