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  • Baseus Energy Column Car Wireless MP3 Charger

Baseus Energy Column Car Wireless MP3 Charger

Product Code: BS-01


This product has a minimum quantity of 500
48.2 ¥
Price/1 PC: 48.2 ¥
Weight/1 PC: 32.60 g
Price are subject to change, the price is valid to: 21/11/2019
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  • Brand: Baseus


    Name: Baseus Energy Column Car Wireless MP3 Charger
    Model: BS-01
    Color: Black/Silver
    Input: 12-24V
    USB output: 5V/3.1A(Max)
    Wireless version: 5.0
    Size: 88.2mm*20.6mm
    Weight: 32.6g

    -Adapted models: Most models on the market
    -Playback Flash Disk: Support
    -Universal to All Mobile
    - Phones/Car Models
    - Massive Compatibility
    - Adapted to 12V/24V models, compatible with a variety of audio playback APPs, universal for Android/iP
    - Automatic Reconnection
    - Power-off Memory Playback
    - Power on and connect automatically, without re-tuning the frequency, more convenient for playback
    - Intelligent Digital Display Battery Voltage Monitoring Large screen digital display design, automatic detection of battery voltage, safer real-time monitoring
    - 3.1A Quick Charging from Dual Ports
    - Support dual USB charging at the same time, single port is up to 3.1 A (Max), one step faster for charging
    - Playback from Flash Disk Plug and Play Compatible with audio formats such as MP3/WAV/FLAC/APE/WMA, etc. enjoy music to your heart’s content
    - Lossless Audio Decoding Enjoy Original Music Anywhere Full frequency speaker technology, 360 stereo surrounding effect, high definition decoding output, impressive noise-less effect
    - Hardcore Wireless 5.0
    - Stable without Disconnection
    - The new generation wireless 5.0 increases the transmission speed by 95%; making music/calls smooth
    - Without delay, stable and reliable for use
    - Smaller but Stronger
    - The line aesthetics is integrated into the metal cylindrical structure, the tedious design is abandoned, and constant streamlining is only for the smaller size


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