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Cooler combined with active speaker

Product Code: CRX3.0 - Gx

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Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker, Microphone&Guitar Inputs, RECord, EQ, TF card, USB charge, Cold/Hot Switch.

Power adapter Input:100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, output:12Vdc/5A 14Vdc/1.7A

Car charger input 12Vdc

 Lithium battery 11.1V/3.6A

Charging time 6 hours

90%Volume Working time H 7 hours

50%Volume Working time H 13 hours

RMS output power/AMPLIFER 2 x 16W

RMS output power/SPEAKER 2 x 25W

Standby power <0.5W

Frequency response 60Hz-20KHz

Speaker impedance 4ohm

Speaker unit size 6.5'' woofer x 2 + 0.5'' tweeter x 2

Bluetooth version V4.2 + BR + EDR + BLE

BT working distance up to 10 m in open areas

Input AUX/guitar/MIC/TF slot/USB port

EQ 5 EQ, ROCK/POP/Classic/Jazz/G-E9

Rating of cooler/warmer 12Vdc

Power of cold mode 40-70W

Power of hot mode 40-65W

Cooler box capacity 50L

USB charging socket 5V/1A

Cooling temperature about 15 °C lower than the room temperature

Temperature change ratio average 0.25°C/minute

Display color white

Water proof IPX4

Wheel size, mm 45x155

Dimension mm 630 x 440 x 490

Trolley height mm 800

Weight kg 14.5

Design cooler combined with active speaker

RGB displayed Yes

Easy handling Trolley/wheel is equipped for easy carry

Bottle opener Yes

Enclosure plastic

Trolley metal

Speaker grill metal

Wheel plastic

Manual 1

power adapter 1

car charger cable 1

Harrot is a speaker fit for gatherings at any time, any day, any season. From family reunions, barbecue activities, hiking, outdoor camping, to team-building activities, you can use the Harrot speaker- a party maker, to enjoy fresh or chilled drinks and food with beautiful live concert all day around.

Harrot combines Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker, microphone and guitar inputs into one speaker. The microphone and guitar functions in Harrot speaker enable you to amp up your outdoor and indoor experiences.

EQ adjust allows you to choose the music mode from jazz, pop, classical and rock to make them sound right. You can change the EQ options as needed to fine-tune your listening experience. REC button is also added to keep your happy moments during the party.

You can activate the Bluetooth speaker by pressing the power switch, which works with both the built-in battery and external power. It is recommended to fully charge the speaker before using and then share some of your favourite jams for up to 13 hours

In order to enhance your night party experience, LED light is a must. You can easily change the flashing colour through the compatible app BTLink, and choose soft or shiny light as needed to make the atmosphere comfortable.

The real-time control of playback is achieved through the display screen, which can improve the convenience and reliability of the operation. You can also take remote control through the BTLink app, which greatly improves the convenience of diversification and sound control.

Bring Harrot to your next pool party or simply down to the park. Durable wheels make it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. The large wheels enable you to walk through dirt, rocks and grass. The wheels are made of ABS and rubber, and they are much larger than ordinary trolley designed wheels, within-built pulling rods, making the cooler easy to mobilize.

No matter where you go, the IPX4 on the Harrot prevents splashing in any direction. So if you put some ice into the cooler and splash it, you don't have to worry about it getting wet and have a blast.

Keeping your power is very important when you are outdoors. Charging your phone or just playing your favourite tune in your USB disk with Harrot is always at ease.

 You can always opt for safe food handling with Harrot food preservation box to prevent your food from becoming stale and rotten.

If you like winter picnics or extended camping trips in cold weather, you must also want to keep your food warm and hot even after reaching your desired destination.

You can prepare in advance and cook the food at home. Once you are done making the food, wrap it up in a cling foil or aluminum foil then put it in the food preservation box to keep it warm. You can search for some simple and easy to make foil-wrapped recipes that are easy to preserve for at least 10-12 hours.

In comparison to normal, standard coolers available in the market (those who only refrigerates food), the manufacturers of Harrot food preservation box has incorporated an innovative insulation technology that can also keep your food warm apart from refrigerating it.

This unique function is possible due to semiconductor refrigeration insulation and an integrated keeping-warm system. With this feature, you can now enjoy different food temperatures ranging from 37.4 Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit (3 Centigrade to 40 Centigrade).

Thanks to the spacious 52-quart storage and the 630 x 440 x 490 mm dimension.


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