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Neck Massager

Product Code: PG-2601B8

This product has a minimum quantity of 1000
146.4 ¥
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Product Benefits:

1. Relieve Neck pain, stiffness that get worse over time

2. Ease headaches, especially in the back of the head

3. Eliminate dizziness and Loss of balance.Reduce muscle stress and tension.

4. Relieve Irritable or Fatigue feeling, Insomnia caused by cervical spondylosis and other Neck Problems.

5. Eliminate edema, inflammation, improve shortage of head blood supplying

6. Improve sleep at night


1.With the latest 3D Automatic Lamination Technology, it can easily adjust the electrode according to the neck curve to make people more comfortable.

2.Far infrared heating, electric impulse, and magnetic fields combined to form a high proficient compound energy field. 

3.For electronic impulse,two different automatic with four different manual therapy modes for personal need and preference.
4.Embedded health magnets will create accupoints within the body,balance the Yin & Yang of the body to improve micro-circulation. 

5.Easily operates with remote and back-light LCD screen.   

6. Time setting: From 5 min to 30 min adjustable with auto off function.

Technical Specification:       

1. Power supply:

DC 6V / 800 mA for the instrument (adapter and rechargeable Lithium battery) 

DC 3V  for the wireless controller( CR2032 Button Battery )

2. Electric impulse frequency: 1-1000Hz

3. Electric impulse width: 20-400μm

4. Electric impulse wave: Square Wave

5. Heating temperature: +40°c--+48°c

Packing List:     


1pc Main unit/ 1pc Wireless Controller/ 1pc Adapter/ 1pc English Manual/ 1pc gift box

Gift box size


CTN qty 24 pcs

Ctn size 51×47.5×47.5 cm

CTN GW 16kgs

FCL/20 4608pcs/192ctns


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