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Neck Massager

Product Code: PG-2601B19

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Intelligent Neck Massager

1) Ergonomic design fits around and neck 

2) Inrared heating, 3 temperature levels
3) Low frequency electric impulse, 16 grades intensity 

4) With built-in health magnet, will give you a variety of health care massage effect

5) 6 different massage modes for choice

6) 3 temperature levels: +38℃ - +48℃

7) 15 minutes timing function

8) with wireless Remote controller, more convenient to use

9) Light weight and portable                                                             

10) Relieving stress 

11) Alleviating headaches and pain 

12) Stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen 

13) Improving sleep

whether you'are tired of experiencing neck pain or you simply struggle to relax and unwind, this portable electronic neck massager device aims to treat neck pain, promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles, relieve fatigue and help you relax with its multitude of variable settings.

With regular use, this safe, non-invasive approach encourages the body to heal regulate itself. This Unique Neck Massager relaxation effect focuses on the underlying issues. Its advanced mechanisms will work towards loosening tight muscles, improving blood circulation and reducing trigger points (i.e. knots and spasms). Massages in general are beneficial treatments for muscle and joint relaxation for improved flexibility and motion as well as making the muscles more resistant to injury.

Approval : FDA,CE,ROHS 

Material   : ABS,metal 

Power Supply : 5V DC 1A

Lithium battery : 3.7V DC, 1100mA  

Charging time : 2-3 hours 

Input: : 5W 

Package size : Heating 

Temperature : 38℃~ 48℃ 

Impulse frequency  : 1-1000HZ   

Width of Impulse : 20-400us 

Wave of impulse : Square Wave


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