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Xiaomi Deerma Smart Mop Water Sprayer

Product Code: TB500

This product has a minimum quantity of 500
46.0 ¥
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  • Brand: Xiaomi

Head Shape: Rectangle

Bearing: <10kg

Spin method: Folding type

Mop Handle Type: Common Bar + Plastic Tray

Spin: 90% -100%

Component Type: Plastic Basket + Metal Pedal

Packing: With 1 nozzle

Shape: Rectangle

Capacity: 350 ml

Weight: <2kg

Absorption: 10–20 seconds

Pole Material: Aluminum Case

Handle Type: Cleaning Products

Feature: Sustainable, Standard

Gyroscope: 360 degree rotation

White colour

Case Material: ABS Plastic

Mop Material: Microfiber

Stem Material: Steel

Tank capacity: 350 ml

Swing Angle: 360 °

Maximum length: 120 cm

 Quick drying floor

With a Xiaomi mop with a water spray you don't have to wait long before the floor dries

The perfect Mop eliminates even the most persistent dirt, oil stains, pigment in the inaccessible corners of your home easily and quickly.

360 degree swivel mop

1.2 m mop rod, wall and ceiling cleaning.

ABS grip with good grip, steel hand wearable stiff and durable, easy to load water tank.

You can buy microfiber gaskets for recycling adhesive construction, you can replace them for a long time


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