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05/12/2019 : 893

5G commercial service has yet to launch in China, but three Chinese telecom carriers have already begun taking registrations. 

Over 10 million users have registered for the 5G package as Beijing News reports. 

Exactly when 5G network services will arrive in China is still unknown, but it is reported that three major telecom carriers would probably roll out the services later this month. 


According to China Mobile, you can use 5G network services if meeting the following two conditions: 

* Using 5G phones

* Ordering 5G network packages

If you already use 5G smartphone, you can get a 5G network trial package which is available til Oct 31! 


Although the prices of the packages haven’t been unveiled, related news and reports can be used as a reference. 

Wang Xiaochu, president of China Unicom, has said that the company’s monthly 5G plans would start around 190 yuan ($27) in the transition periods. 

One of China Telecom’s employees says that the prices could range from 199 yuan ($28) to 599 yuan ($84). 

All three carriers offer incentives. According to the report, for the first six months, the preferential prices will be: 

* 30% off for users who have been in its network for over five years, 

* 20% off for those in its network for less than that period. 


The Chinese government granted commercial 5G telecom licenses to the three carriers in June. They plan to deploy a total of 130,000 5G base stations across in China by the end of the year. 

The high-speed 5G networks can theoretically transmit data 20 times faster than current 4G speed, with less than 1/10 of the latency. 

We've introduced China's 5G network and 5G smartphones.

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