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Xiaomi Mijia Electrical Scooter M365

Product Code: Mijia Electrical Scooter M365


This product has a minimum quantity of 10
1 936.7 ¥
Price/1 PC: 1 936.7 ¥
Weight/1 PC: 12.50 kg
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  • Brand: Xiaomi

Type of electric scooter

Maximum load 100 kg

Age group, from 12 years


Number of wheels 2-wheel

Frame material: aluminium

Front wheel diameter 22 cm

The diameter of the rear wheel(s) 22 cm

rubber wheel 

Brake manual / double /

Steering type classic

Engine and battery 

Maximum speed 25 km/h

The reserve is 30 km

Engine power 250 W

Battery capacity 7.8 Ah

Full charge time 5 h

Features and capabilities 

The features and capabilities we add




flashlight / headlight



The maximum height of 114 cm

Dimensions 108x114 cm

Weight 12.5 kg

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