Advantages of doing business with China

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This days the Chinese economy has reached almost a peak value. This is due to the constant development of technology and the persistence of the working class of the country. China was able not only to reach a leading position in the export of goods of its own production, but also to raise their quality to the highest level.

The basis of exports of the Chinese market are products from the engineering industry and electronics. All goods  which  going for import  are checked by special services, and therefore have quality certificates, and other documentation for sale in Russia, the United States and other countries.

China can rightly be called the world center of industrial production, trade and Finance. The fact is that the country's economy is constantly growing, and this is due to the flexible economic and fiscal policy of the state in relation to foreign partners and domestic companies working for export. 

Today cooperating with China as a small developing company, and giants, occupying a leading position in sales all over the world. Starting a business with China is very simple, especially when there is such an assistant as "Hi-Nova".

Price policy

Naturally, when choosing a manufacturer, the entrepreneur will first pay attention to the price of the finished product. Thus, the production, located in China, produces goods at much lower prices than competitors around the world. The fact is that the Chinese are clearly determined to constantly increase the country's export potential, and therefore constantly support local production.

 Wholesale prices for goods in China can be 3-5 times lower than the price in Russia or USA.  Think about it, because with the right approach, such a business can generate income after the first sales.

Range and quality

In the early 90's, when the Chinese economy was just looking for its way, many goods from China were not very good fame, and were of low quality. At the same time, the range of products was small, and therefore they were bought exclusively because of the low price.

Today, the situation has changed, and the Chinese have learned to make products that are not only inferior in quality to European, but also exceed it. Today, many well-known brands from the EU, USA and Russia cooperate with China. The secret is that when transferring production to China, the brand significantly saves money on labor and logistics, because in China these processes are perfectly adjusted. 

The range of Chinese products is growing faster than demand, and today online stores around the world are teeming with such goods. In China, it is possible to buy almost everything from a fridge magnet to industrial machines for business or car. All that is required is to find a direct supplier and to agree on cooperation. 

Our team can realize the most interesting business plans, because we have 15 years of experience in working with China and customers from around the world. Your attention can be presented as contractors giant companies and those who are engaged in replicas of the products of well-known brands.  

What is popular in China

 In Russia and the USA the following categories of goods are popular today:

• consumer electronics;

• clothing and footwear;

• business equipment;

• tools

• Innovative goods , innovation 

Most buyers already know that the goods from China are of good quality, and therefore it makes no sense to buy analogues of goods from European countries, especially to overpay for them. There are two ways to verify the quality of products. In the first, it is enough to give the task to our team, and we will check the supplier in China , and in the second, we will build for you a business tour to China. 

This method of work allows you to build with China not just a relationship for trade, and full cooperation on equal rights. Our interpreter  will help you to communicate with suppliers, and the guide will be able to choose the best route of the tour, and if necessary, go to check several productions. 

How to set up contact with China

Since China is a country with a large competitive market, manufacturers are very sensitive to each partner from abroad. This allows a selective method to be determined with the goods, and build relationships convenient for both sides. 

By the way, today the practice of placing own orders in China and working with production directly is gaining popularity. Individual orders are more convenient for many areas of business, and therefore the Chinese are happy to agree to such conditions.

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