Wholesale clothes from China

HiDress - we are a team that located in China and works with wholesale clothing customers.
We speak English, Russian, Persian, Turkish and Chinese.

Welcome to cooperate with us !

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Why you should choose us:
1. We have Sources
2. We know best price
3. High responsibility of our workers
4. Always online with you
5. We are multi language team
6. Local in China

How it works:
Agree with style of clothes you need, according to our catalog, or according to your desire
Confirm the order amount and volume
Pay the full amount of money for the order to our a bank account or by Western Union
Coordinate the date of redemption, there should be dates when you can always be in touch with us
Our team take a big responsibility, check the quality, amount of clothes , control everything very carefully
The purchase of goods takes 3-5 days, depending on the volume of your orders
We sent your goods to a warehouse in China, for further transportation to your country
Shipping time depends on your deliver country
Pay for the delivery of goods upon arrival to your country

Do You have any questions ?