About company "Hi-Nova"

The Hi-Nova  (HiNova) company is an intermediary for business between Russia, Arabic countries, Europe countries, USA and China . We provide wholesale supply service . Our specialization: search, purchase, check and delivery of goods from China. We provide full consolidation of transactions. We work as a link between the factories of China and business representatives from Russia, Arabic countries, Europe countries, USA.

We know the intricacies of the market, take the risks associated with the transfer of funds, purchase and shipment of goods. 

The company's head office was opened in 2018 in Guangzhou at  A5-15/16, Qingfeng Clothing City, Shijing Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou China

This site is not an online store, we provide wholesale prices of factories in China for review.
Our company has 10 years of experience in procurement , negotiations with suppliers , solutions to the main tasks.
And we are ready to help You build a business from scratch and find your niche. 

Provide services:

1. Search for products and manufacturers
2. Ordering
3. Buying from Chinese sites : www.1688.com, www.alibaba.com
4. Delivery of your goods
5. Business meeting in China — Support for factories and suppliers
6. Business tours / shop tours
7. Support and invitation to exhibitions
8. Goods inspection
9. Professional translators , guides in China 

We are committed to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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Tel: +8618665594378
Email: email@hi-nova.com
WhatsApp: +8618665594378
Wechat: iamdariaa

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