Factories and Wholesale Markets are Back!

08/03/2020 : 643

Affected by the epidemic outbreak, many customers who are doing foreign trade business are very concerned about the resumption situation in China's factories and wholesale markets. After our field visit and investigation, we would like to update the current situation. 

Cities main wholesale markets are opened

* Guangzhou 

* Foshan 

* Zhongshan 

* Yiwu 

Basic Requirements for factory/market back to work

(Actual requirement base on local city policy)

1. With enough supplies of Mask & Disinfectant

2. Match local area require condition and apply in local government department, after permission then can back to work

3. Arrange reasonable working area 

4. Daily body temperature check and record register employees

5. Develop knowledge training plan for epidemic prevention and control

Opened Main Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Clothing market

* Guangzhou Baima Garment Market

* Guangzhou Xindadi Fashion Plaza

* Guangzhou Xintang Clothing Trade City

* Guangzhou Kapok Int'l Fashion City

Shoe market

* Guangzhou South China Footwear City

* Guangzhou Buyuntiandi Shoes World

Leather market

* Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre

* Guangzhou Zhonggang Leatherware Mall

Machinery & Hardware market

* Guangzhou Panyu Shaxi Hardware Plastic City

* Guangzhou Nantian Huangpu Hardware and Machinery Mall

Toys & Stationery market 

* Guangzhou International Toys & Stationery

* Guangzhou Yiyuan Stationery Wholesale Market

* Guangzhou Onelink Int'l Toys & Gifts Wholesale Market

Main wholesale markets in Other Cities of China

Foshan: Most markets are Opened

Furniture market

* Foshan Shunde Lecong Furniture City

Furniture  market

* Foshan Shunde Lecong Louvre International Home Expo City


* Foshan Nanguo Small Commodities Wholesale City

Pet products market

* Foshan Dali Pet Products Wholesale City

Ceramics market

* Foshan Chancheng Yimeijia Bathroom Ceramics World

Lighting market

* Foshan Shunle International Lighting City


* International Trade Market 

District 1 and 2: Opened at 9:00am on February 18

Business period: 9:00-16:00

District 3,4,5: Opened at 9:00am on February 24

Business period: 9:00-16:00

Yiwu has implemented different degrees of incentives or subsidies to all kinds of foreign buyers.

Opened Factory

* Shandong (Chemical Materials Factory)

* Yiwu city (Glasses Factory)

* Shantou city (Toys Factory)

* Zhongshan city (Lighting Factory)

* Jiangsu city (Chemical Materials Factory & Home textile Factory)

* Shanghai city (Cans & plate Factory)

* Wenzhou city (Plastic Product Factory)

* Shandong city (CNC machine Factory)

* Yiwu City (lady's accessories Factory)

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