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Furniture tours to China

 Many people don’t  know how to start their own business or develop a business in such a way as to obtain the maximum benefit from it.  One of the most profitable ways  at the moment is the sale of furniture.

 However, most of the offers on the domestic market either have a high cost or are associated with goods of the highest quality. With Hi-Nova and out furniture tours  you can find the best deals !

 What is furniture tours?

 Many are accustomed to associate tours exclusively with holiday trips.  However, such travel can also bring benefits.  So, coming to China together with Hi-Nova experts, you can find great deals and bring not souvenirs, but the opportunity to develop your own business.

 Together with us you will be able to visit many factories producing both furniture and other items for interior design.  Hi-Nova will be able to assist you in procurement for further implementation, as well as simply find profitable offers for the possibility of arranging your own home design .


 For a long time it was believed that the lowest quality goods come straight from China.  However, today it is nothing more than prejudice.  Thanks to economic growth, as well as development in many areas, China has become one of the world leaders in  quality of the product .

 In this country produced many  European and American brands, starting with clothing and ending with smartphones.  And furniture is not an exception , because about 80% of Italian sofas, tables and cabinets were made and assembled in China.

 In the Chinese market  there are not only world-famous brands of furniture, but also you can find chandeliers by European designers and  interior light.

 In addition, over 15 years of work, we were able to select only the best furniture manufacturers.  That is why cooperation with us will allow you to find the best deals.

  The advantages of furniture tours in China

 Going on a furniture tour with Hi-Nova, you can find many benefits:

1. Start your own business along with European companies that order furniture exclusively from China.

 2. Save much money  and time by equipping your apartment with high-quality furniture.

 3. View a large variety of high-quality products in different price ranges.

 4. Order furniture on individual projects directly from suppliers.

 5. Purchase goods at manufacturers' prices, without additional margins from intermediaries.

 6. Get the opportunity for regular purchases and search for new partners from China .

 Our company has been working for more than 15 years with employees from both Russia and from China.  Also we working with  customers from overseas as USA and Middle East . Together with Hi-Nova you can communicate with suppliers.  And thanks to the great experience our specialists are guaranteed to be able to fulfill all the conditions of the contract with each client.

 The office and warehouses of our company are located in Guangzhou, so that we can track your transactions at all stages, from the conclusion of the contract to the sending  goods to Russia , Ukraine , Kazahkstan , Middle East .  To find out more detail  information and the date of the next tour, s contact us in the most convenient way for you.

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