How to build your business with China in the field of branded care cosmetics

12/06/2022 : 1542

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Today we want to share information with you: how to build your business with China in the field of branded cosmetics!

For several years now, Chinese cosmetics have been gaining popularity in Russia, which speaks of the quality and effectiveness of Chinese cosmetics.

Since we work directly with the factory, wholesale prices for cosmetics are very attractive and everyone can afford to start a business from scratch. Moreover, the profit from the sale in Russia is very large!

Here is a simple example: BioAqua Hyalo-Oligo Cream Face cream with hyaluronic acid oligomer 50 gr. If you buy from us, directly from the factory in bulk, then the price will be 8 yuan (at the exchange rate on 06/10/22 this is 1,23 $). 

We also offer such a service as issuing certificates in Russia for cosmetics of Chinese brands - so that you can legally sell your product!

Do you want to move to a higher level and sell cosmetics already under your own brand?! and here we will be happy to help you - cosmetics service under your own brand!

To order cosmetics under your brand, you will need to place an order of 5000 pcs.

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