Today we will talk about packaging products before shipping from China

07/03/2023 : 1002

Recall that we work directly with manufacturers of care cosmetics company “ OBBO “ , and brands such as Bioaqua, Images , Veze , Senana , Veze , Liftheng, etc.

Manufacturers rarely use good enough, strong packaging before shipping and sending orders, even knowing that the customer is abroad! 

And cosmetics require good packaging, otherwise everything will be sorted out, distributed and flow. 

We always repack the products before shipping to customers ourselves! 

1.we open all the boxes, distribute liquid, glass, soft packaging into separate boxes. 

2. Next, we use special plastic balls for glass and fragile packaging. 

3. we try to distribute the packaging so that there is no space left in the box and the products do not move when moving. 

4 . the cardboard box itself is very important - it must be 3 - layer for cosmetics ! 

5️ ⃣ important floor distribute ready - made boxes with packed cosmetics to another so that nothing gives up . A few pieces in one place is enough. 

6. we cover all the finished packages with thick adhesive tape and an anti-rain bag, then no moisture will spoil your product.

7. at the request of the client , we add a wooden crate , this is the last stage .

It 's so simple , but also difficult for us to approach each order with care . 

If you have any questions, you can contact me by contacting What's App, the link in the profile header.

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