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Today we will talk about packaging products before shipping from China

07.03.2023 : 1217
Recall that we work directly with manufacturers of care cosmetics company “ OBBO “ , and brands such as Bioaqua, Images , Veze , Senana , Veze , Liftheng, etc.


This 2023, the Canton Fair will welcome foreigners from outside China for the first time since 2019.

30.01.2023 : 1512
2023 Canton Fair Allows Participants from Abroad Post Zero-COVID


How to build your business with China in the field of branded care cosmetics

12.06.2022 : 1664
Greetings, dear subscribers!Today we want to share information with you: how to build your business with China in the field of branded cosmetics!For several years now, Chinese cosmetics have been gaining popularity in Russia, which speaks of the quality and effectiveness of Chinese cosmetics.


Asus GeForce RTX 3060 ti 8 Gb / Delivery from China

17.11.2021 : 1418
A report on our work, a client from Iran ordered our company to buy Asus GeForce RTX 3060 ti 8 Gb video cards from our company in China, check them and arrange delivery to Iran from China, Guangzhou city, the client's order was completed on time, the goods were carefully checked and packed and sent for delivery! Direct deliveries of video cards, miners, ASICs, from China. We are glad to cooperate with you!


130th Canton Fair 2021

31.10.2021 : 1348
It was 130th Canton Fair this year.  And was completed safely a few days ago The Canton Fair (China 广交会), China Import and Export Fair (CIEF) is the largest trade fair in China.  It is called the main showcase of China's foreign trade industry.  It is opens twice a year at the Pazhou Exhibition Center, the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world.We could not miss such an opportunity to visit this exhibition this year, because it did not open for two years due to the coronavirus epidemic. The rules for visiting the exhibition were quite strict: for visitors from other countries, compulsory vaccinations were required, a 21-day quarantine, every 32-hour coronavirus test and a  health code.


Inspection of goods equipment for service stations

24.10.2021 : 1315
Inspection of goods equipment for service stations


Wholesale Chinese cosmetics supplier

24.05.2021 : 1466
Dear partner!The company "HI-NOVA " is the official supplier of Chinese cosmetics to other countries.  We work directly with a factory in China, so we offer the lowest prices on the cosmetics market! We supply brands of Chinese cosmetics such as: Bioaqua, Zoo son, Exgyan, Senana, Images, Liftheng.


What is our direction?

30.04.2021 : 702
The world is changing, business is changing and we are also growing up and changing the direction. ⠀Our company Hi-Nova is located in Guangzhou city, China. We work for an export, and our work based  on the wishes of the client. What does it mean?


Video cards are in demand due to mining?

06.04.2021 : 1038
Dear partners! Today we would like to share with you our observations on the growth trend in demand worldwide for such a product as graphic cards - components for a computer.


Video Market in China after pandemic, and the best selling product of this year

04.11.2020 : 762
In this video we will talk about the business and about wholesale markets in China after the pandemic. Will visit suppliers, find out what they are ready for sales. Will show you the top popular products on the souvenir market.

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