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Wholesale Chinese cosmetics supplier

24.05.2021 : 148
Dear partner!The company "HI-NOVA " is the official supplier of Chinese cosmetics to other countries.  We work directly with a factory in China, so we offer the lowest prices on the cosmetics market! We supply brands of Chinese cosmetics such as: Bioaqua, Zoo son, Exgyan, Senana, Images, Liftheng.


What is our direction?

30.04.2021 : 80
The world is changing, business is changing and we are also growing up and changing the direction. ⠀Our company Hi-Nova is located in Guangzhou city, China. We work for an export, and our work based  on the wishes of the client. What does it mean?


Video cards are in demand due to mining?

06.04.2021 : 194
Dear partners! Today we would like to share with you our observations on the growth trend in demand worldwide for such a product as graphic cards - components for a computer.


Video Market in China after pandemic, and the best selling product of this year

04.11.2020 : 245
In this video we will talk about the business and about wholesale markets in China after the pandemic. Will visit suppliers, find out what they are ready for sales. Will show you the top popular products on the souvenir market.


Inspection of goods in China GUANGZHOU, SHENZHEN

25.05.2020 : 567
Welcome, our business partner! Our company HiNova offers one of the services for working with China - this is the inspection of goods in China as in  Guangzhou city , Shenzhen city and nearby cities.


Earn with us - partner program

18.05.2020 : 472
Good afternoon, dear Partner - yes, it is a partner, since we want you to become a partner of our company HiNova in sales of goods from China to all over the world! We have been doing business with China for more than 5 years, we have reliable suppliers, organize business tours to China, provide wholesale prices for goods from China (factory prices). And we want you to become our partner and earn money with us!


Factories and Wholesale Markets are Back!

08.03.2020 : 505
Affected by the epidemic outbreak, many customers who are doing foreign trade business are very concerned about the resumption situation in China's factories and wholesale markets. After our field visit and investigation, we would like to update the current situation. 


5G Technology - Business with China

05.12.2019 : 392
5G commercial service has yet to launch in China, but three Chinese telecom carriers have already begun taking registrations. Over 10 million users have registered for the 5G package as Beijing News reports. 


“OneLink” is Asia’s most popular souvenir and toy mall

28.10.2019 : 509
Once again, we visited the most popular Chinese toy and souvenir shopping center “OneLink” - China, the city of Guangzhou. “OneLink” is Asia’s most popular souvenir and toy mall.  Businessmen come here from all over the world to buy goods and sign contracts for the supply of interesting goods.


How to build a business with China on electronics and accessories?

12.10.2019 : 502
Everyone knows that all the electronics and accessories are made in China, in the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and therefore all the factories are located there!  It is logical to assume that the lowest prices and a large selection of goods are in these cities of China. In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, you can find not only products of Chinese brands, but also world-famous brands. Large brands of electronics and accessories produce their goods in China, as there is low labor and production costs.

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