What is our direction?

30/04/2021 : 556

The world is changing, business is changing and we are also growing up and changing the direction. ⠀

Our company Hi-Nova is located in Guangzhou city, China. 

We work for an export, and our work based  on the wishes of the client.

 What does it mean?

This means that  what the client needs, then we supply. ⠀

 At the moment, the most popular and selling product are graphic cards and cosmetics!

 Video cards due to the high demand for cryptocurrency mining. Cosmetics due to the high demand for new personal care products.


 My team consists of a large number of people speaking several languages ​

Which gives a great opportunity to do work for many clients from different countries.⠀

We take care of each client, we find an individual approach to each client.⠀

We carry out a clear check of the quality of goods and packaging. Our team organize the delivery of goods to the destination specified by the client, to any country.⠀

Due to the fact that many people cannot fly to China, we are ready to help in organizing the delivery of the goods you need, and other services listed above!

Hi-Nova company are committed to long-term cooperation

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