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18/05/2020 : 712

Good afternoon, dear Partner - yes, it is a partner, since we want you to become a partner of our company HiNova in sales of goods from China to all over the world!

 We have been doing business with China for more than 5 years, we have reliable suppliers, organize business tours to China, provide wholesale prices for goods from China (factory prices). And we want you to become our partner and earn money with us!

China is a global manufacturer of goods and the demand for these goods is growing every day, the quality of goods is not inferior to world brands.  Working in our company as a partner you are building a promising business for yourself!

Our Partner program is absolutely free for you!  No investment needed!

How does our Partner program work?

 Our website provides a catalog of goods with wholesale prices, these products are purchased by entrepreneurs around the world for their business.

 Becoming our partner, you will receive an individual link to all products of our catalog. You can post this link on the Internet (social networks, instant messengers, forums and so on).

 When you click on this link, the customer places an order for goods on our website, and you get a percentage of the deal!

 Each purchase made through a Partner link will generate income!

 Since we have bulk purchases, then the income is high from each deal.

 What needs to be done to become our partner:

  •  Register on our website as a partner; (Registration is free)
  •  Copy the link to all products or generate a link to a specific product in your partner’s account;
  •  Post a link on the Internet (social networks, instant messengers, forums and so on);
  •  Get a percentage of each deal

Register as a partner

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