The future is already in China - helpers robots

30/09/2019 : 774

The future has come to China, Guangzhou city! In shopping centers robots can help people, as well as dance to the joy of children!

China is developing very fast and in terms of innovation and electronics is one of the first places in the world! In the large shopping centers of the Chinese city of Guangzhou, there are assistant robots. Robots can tell where and what nice place for shopping in the mall, tell what prices and how it is more convenient to go to the outlet. Robots also amuse children - they dance very well and imitate playing musical instruments.

For our customers, we recorded a video of one such assistant robot.

The city of Guangzhou and the neighboring city Shenzhen are one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. All electronics of world stores and brands are produced there . Products of popular brands and their wholesale prices can be seen in section - Product Catalog on our website. 

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