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Shopping tours to China  

China can be called one of the centers of the world economy.  A lot of products are produced in China, which is distributed across all continents with it’s own brands and also well-known brands. Hi-Nova offers shopping tours to China with experienced professionals for all who want to start their business with profitable international relations. Beginners will be able to confidently take a step into big business, and large companies will find reliable partners with a long-term prospect of cooperation.

What are shopping tours? 

Ordinary tourists coming to China and visit various museums, public and historical places . Such activities are useful for spiritual enlightenment, but they are not of material benefit. In shopping tours you will be able to visit various production facilities together with experienced hi-Nova employees to find the best products for the successful development of your business.  After all, cooperation with Chinese colleagues will allow You to feel a lot of advantages: 

1.   Diversity.

 China produces a wide range of products, ranging from toys and furniture to sophisticated electronic equipment.

2.   Quality.

 Modern Chinese manufacturers have been able to achieve high quality  products, so they productively cooperate with many Western brands. We have selected only the best Chinese partners especially for You.

3.   Prices. 

China is especially famous for the combination of high quality and optimal cost, thanks to which both novice and experienced businessman will be able to find goods for the development of their business.

4.   Productive cooperation. 

Together with Hi-Nova specialists You will be able not only to start, but also to continue cooperation with Chinese colleagues. A regular shopping tours can significantly expand the range of suppliers.

 Why should you contact us? 

Hi-Nova company has been working in the field of business tourism for more than 15 years. Thanks to this, we were able to create an experienced team, including both Russian and Chinese specialists. Thanks to this, we can confidently guarantee You that the manufacturers will fulfill all the terms of the contract drawn up within the framework of our shopping tour. Our office is located in one of the largest cities in China - Guangzhou. This allows us to regularly monitor all transactions that are concluded by our customers with partners from China.

If You want to develop your business and discover more opportunities, just contact us in the most convenient way and sign up for the nearest shopping tour. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions and help Your company to establish relations with the best manufacturers in China.

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