WeChat – messenger, or a full-fledged tool for setting up business with China?

20/05/2019 : 1081

What is WeChat

Translated from Chinese and English WeChat means micro messenger.  It may seem that this is an ordinary messenger,  and not bring a particular interest to the General public. However, the developers have given the application some great functionality, and today the application allows users to exchange both messages and media files. Tencet company, which created this program , claims that their application is a unique tool for creating a business channel with the Chinese market. 

Today WeChat has become a full-fledged platform for working with China , it can act as a social network and online store with its own payment system. This greatly facilitates the process of working with the application, because using it, you do not need to download additional programs, everything is already there!

Using Wechat program to work with us you get only advantages such as : quick response to your questions , easy to make calls both video and audio , group chatting  and group audio calls .

How to become an application user

The application is multiplatform, and will fit almost any device that has access to the Internet. Registration is carried out by installing the application and entering the phone number in the international format. It is also convenient to use not only through the phone , but also a computer . Simultaneously using  Wechat via phone and computer allows you to save time - download files and make calls or keep chatting in one moment . The application can be used in any language, which does not create any difficulties.

Today, the application has more than 1 million users worldwide. Naturally, most of them are located in China, because that's where the application was created, however, there are versions in other languages, and therefore by  WeChat you can meet partners from Russia, Europe and the United States. 

Why Wechat is the best app for using ?

Probably, many people wonder why Wechat so quickly gained popularity, and does not lose its position in the market. Everything is simple – convenience! The developers have tried to make the application interface the easiest for users, and gave it the maximum possible functionality. 

In the application, you can conduct both chatting and online negotiations (messenger is able to translate messages from any language! ), and then, you can send the necessary media files or documents. Also, the application allows you to quickly take screenshots, while leaving them in constant availability. This is especially useful when working with online stores TaoBao and 1688. In the process, you can easily contact us and we will solve the problem. 

Online payment via Wechat allows you to instantly pay for any orders , which speeds up work with suppliers in China . Through Wichat payment you can buy any goods not being in China , from any online store or factory.

A few words about our work

Hi-Nova company is an innovative team of specialists with extensive experience in logistics work with Chinese partners. Since the application Wechat, you can easily create an online store, it is necessary to immediately pick up the suppliers of goods and build logistics. Naturally, such cooperation has many risks associated with the loss of funds or receipt of goods of inadequate quality. 

Our task is to prevent such an opportunity, and to give the client the desired, in the shortest possible time. After contacting us, our Manager will quickly give the task not only to find the product you are interested in, but also find all the risks associated with its purchase and payment. Naturally, after starting to work with us, the user is freed from all the hardships associated with the work of logistics, our team will do it! A person can only work on their business, online.

By the way, the creation of an online store in Wechat is completely free.

Why should you choose us?

1. Long experience. We have been working with China for several years, during the work we have our own contractors around the world, performing the task of finding new partners and suppliers.

2. Team of specialists. Before opening the Company, we gathered the best of the best.  In order that the client received the maximum effect  from work with our service. 

3. Wholesale price. Unlike our competitors, we do not wind the price tag of the product, and provide the buyer only products at wholesale prices, it saves time and money of the customer. 

4. Business tours to China.  Since our company is located in China, we offer you the opportunity to travel to China. So, we can prepare a tour of the production and hold a meeting with the manufacturer. Thus, the customer will receive the most complete information about the product of interest to him, and will be able to independently conclude a contract.

5. Experienced translators and guides. Since not everyone can navigate in China and especially know the local language, we will provide a professional guide and interpreter. The first in turn will conduct a tour, and the second will help to build a dialogue with Chinese partners.

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