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Baseus Enclosure for HDD and SSD

Product Code: CAYPH-A01


( 28.9 ¥) speed(Micro USB): 450M/s Price/1 PC: 28.9 ¥
( 42.8 ¥) speed(Type-C(GEN1)): 450M/s Price/1 PC: 42.8 ¥
( 58.9 ¥) speed(Type-C(GEN2)): 900M/s Price/1 PC: 58.9 ¥

This product has a minimum quantity of 3000
28.9 ¥
Price are subject to change, the price is valid to: 23/03/2020
Provided the wholesale Price in Chinese RMB of the manufacturer without cost of shipping from China
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  • Brand: Baseus

Baseus Enclosure for HDD and SSD

Тип: HDD Enclosure And Connector

Brand Name: BASEUS

Package: Yes

Name: Baseus Full Speed Series 2.5" HDD Enclosure

Material: ABS+PCCable 

Length: 50cm

Transmission speed(Micro USB): 450M/s

Transmission speed(Type-C(GEN1)): 450M/s

Transmission speed(Type-C(GEN2)): 900M/s

Applicable hard drive specifications: 2.5" HDD En


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