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Canton fair 

The Canton fair is the largest trade event in China. This event brings together representatives of various companies from around the world to find the best deals and new productive business contacts. Due to its scale, it is often called the showcase of China's industry.

The Chinese exhibition of import and export goods is held twice a year, in spring and autumn. Hi-Nova specialists offer You to take part in an organized business trip to Guangzhou in order to visit one of the largest events in the world trade.

Features of the Canton fair

Unlike such events, the Canton exhibition impresses with its scale and level of training. Each visitor of this event will be able to:

 1. View offers from tens of thousands of manufacturers.

 2. Learn new trends and the level of development of a particular industry.

 3. Make profitable deals for the successful development of your business. 

 4. Find new connections for future projects. 

The event is held in the largest exhibition center "Panzhou", the territory of which allows the most comfortable to see all the most interesting offers for Your company.

Since its inception, this event has attracted many investors willing to cooperate with the booming Chinese market. The exhibition is visited by both beginners in business and major brands known around the world.

Advantages of visiting the exhibition with Hi-Nova.

Going to the exhibition in Guangzhou with the support of Hi-Nova specialists, You will get several significant advantages over your competitors: 

 1. Visiting the Canton fair. 

In order to get to this event on their own, you should spend a lot of procedures related to the arrival in China. When you contact us, You can not worry about organizational issues, shifting this task to our employees, and spend the time to solve more important issues. 

 2. Comfort. 

We will provide you with the most comfortable conditions to make the trip not only useful but also pleasant. Together with Hi-Nova You will visit not only the Canton exhibition, but also Guangzhou city , as well as the most technologically advanced city in the world – Shenzhen city.

 3. Guarantees of compliance with contracts. 

At the exhibition itself, You will be able to sign contracts with various manufacturers. We thank to the presence of Russian, English- speaking  and Chinese employees, will be able to monitor the implementation of the obligations prescribed in it. 

One of the most important advantages of our company is the fact that Hi-Nova office is located directly in Guangzhou. This means that we will be able to keep in touch with Your partners on a regular basis.

You can find out the next dates of business tours to the Canton exhibition directly on our website. In order to become a member, just contact us in the most convenient way for You.

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