Inspection of goods in China GUANGZHOU, SHENZHEN

25/05/2020 : 889

Welcome, our business partner!

 Our company HiNova offers one of the services for working with China - this is the inspection of goods in China as in  Guangzhou city , Shenzhen city and nearby cities.

It is very important for all large entrepreneurs who work with goods from China that the product they order is a high quality, that the order is fully completed and all the declared functions are made by the manufacturer.

 Therefore, it is very important that the goods that will be sent to you from China be carefully checked and that you receive a photo or video report from our company ! 

 We provide such a service as part of our business program.

 We will come to the factory that prepares the products for you, check all the product and make a report on the work done for you!

 Below you can watch an introductory video.

 Best Regards , your business partner in China is HiNova!

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