Video cards are in demand due to mining?

06/04/2021 : 1064

Dear partners!

 Today we would like to share with you our observations on the growth trend in demand worldwide for such a product as graphic cards - components for a computer.

Let's try to understand the growth in demand for graphic cards.  Still, due to the large number of computer use in the world and due to the fact that gaming graphic cards are in demand for gamers or, after all, mining on graphic cards is profitable and this influenced the fact that graphic cards have become such a popular sold product in the world !

 Also, today we will visit the factory in Shenzhen, where these graphic cards are made, find out the prices for the best-selling graphic cards, talk with the factory workers and clarify the delivery of these graphic cards to other countries for our partners!

 Today we left our head office in Guangzhou city for Shenzhen and were on site two hours later.  We immediately went to the factory where the graphic cards are made.

 At the plant we were greeted cordially, as our companies have been friends for several years.  They showed the production of their products.

 We were told that the factory produces over 10,000 cards a day and that sales are going well!

 At the moment, the best-selling product is GIGABYTE, GEFORCE RTX 3080, Asus, MSI, although other models are also successfully sold on the world market, these are VIDEO CARD GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 3070 NVIDIA 8GB GDDR6 and AMD RADEON RX5700 XT GRAPHICS GAMING OC 8G, GIGABYTE  GEFORCE RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G.

 The prices we had found out to be the lowest in China, especially for wholesale, the larger the quantity, the lower the price!  Of course, it is profitable to buy a large batch at once!

 If you are interested in any model of the graphic card, contact us at

 WhatsApp: +8618665594378

 We will provide prices for both wholesale and retail!

 For delivery all issues have been resolved, it is possible to organize delivery to any country.

 And after talking with the management of the plant, we nevertheless came to the conclusion that the growth in sales provoked the mining of cryptocurrency all over the world - since this is a profitable business and graphic cards of any cost pay for themselves very quickly.

 We decided to buy 5 models of graphic cards right at the factory, we immediately picked up racks for a mining farm - we need to keep up with the times and we will try and we will extract cryptocurrency!

 That was such a productive day today, we learned a lot of new things and we are sharing with you, our partners!

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