“OneLink” is Asia’s most popular souvenir and toy mall

28/10/2019 : 819

Once again, we visited the most popular Chinese toy and souvenir shopping center “OneLink” - China, the city of Guangzhou.

 “OneLink” is Asia’s most popular souvenir and toy mall.  Businessmen come here from all over the world to buy goods and sign contracts for the supply of interesting goods.

Toys, souvenirs, accessories are a very profitable business in any country in the world.  Where is all this made? Of course in China!

 We combined business with pleasure - by visiting this huge OneLink shopping center - we chose birthday presents for a little, sweet little girl Eve and of course we reviewed this shopping center for our regular and new customers!

 What can you find in this shopping center: the wholesale and retail souvenir and toy market in Guangzhou, fun stores, toy stores, key chains, watches, interesting stationery, a flower shops, an educational game store for children, a military paraphernalia store, and even perfumed soaps  !

 Suppliers of different packaging for gifts and suppliers of gift souvenirs - everything is located in one shopping center “OneLink”.

 If you plan to open a business in your country and you need reliable suppliers, then we (HiNova) can gladly become your business partner with China.

 We will select for you only the newest and most interesting product, provide wholesale prices for the manufacturer’s factory, check the product, arrange delivery from China.

 If you want to visit China yourself and see with your own eyes, the wholesale souvenir market, we are waiting for you! We will provide for you a good and comfortable hotel and an interpreter.  We also provide transport rental, money transfer services.  You can trust our company with confidence!

 We have prepared video material for you and we recommend that you have to watch it - this video has a full overview of the OneLink shopping center.

 Enjoy watching!

 Regards to you company "Hi-Nova" (HiNova) is Your business partner in China.

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