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How to build a business with China on electronics and accessories?

12.10.2019 : 807
Everyone knows that all the electronics and accessories are made in China, in the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and therefore all the factories are located there!  It is logical to assume that the lowest prices and a large selection of goods are in these cities of China. In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, you can find not only products of Chinese brands, but also world-famous brands. Large brands of electronics and accessories produce their goods in China, as there is low labor and production costs.



03.10.2019 : 2445
It is not surprising that the latest technological and innovative progress appears on the world market in China, since recently, Chinese technology has been developing rapidly and captivating with interesting ideas! Here is another idea from the Celestial Technology Department that is POWER BANK STATION (POWER BANK RENT) and it is not only an interesting product for the everyday user, but also a promising business!


The future is already in China— robot helper

30.09.2019 : 837
The future has come to China, Guangzhou city! In shopping centers robots can help people, as well as dance to the joy of children!


New from the future-Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2019 this you have not seen!

24.09.2019 : 2166
New from the future-Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2019 this you have not seen! Xiaomi unveiled its new smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha at the presentation on September 24


Asia World Expo - the world’s largest electronics trade fair Hong Kong

02.07.2019 : 1192
 Asia World Expo is the world’s largest electronics trade fair. The upcoming edition opens on October 11, 2019 at Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong and comprises two phases – Consumer Electronics & Mobile Electronics. The flagship trade fair of Global Sources, it features 7,500 booths of the hottest electronics products from China, Korea, and other Asian countries.


Advantages of doing business with China

20.05.2019 : 899
This days the Chinese economy has reached almost a peak value. This is due to the constant development of technology and the persistence of the working class of the country. China was able not only to reach a leading position in the export of goods of its own production, but also to raise their quality to the highest level.The basis of exports of the Chinese market are products from the engineering industry and electronics. All goods  which  going for import  are checked by special services, and therefore have quality certificates, and other documentation for sale in Russia, the United States and other countries.


WeChat – messenger, or a full-fledged tool for setting up business with China?

20.05.2019 : 918
What is WeChatTranslated from Chinese and English WeChat means micro messenger.  It may seem that this is an ordinary messenger,  and not bring a particular interest to the General public. However, the developers have given the application some great functionality, and today the application allows users to exchange both messages and media files. Tencet company, which created this program , claims that their application is a unique tool for creating a business channel with the Chinese market. 


Canton fair in China, 2019 Guangzhou city

20.04.2019 : 1385
That was the first phase of the Canton exhibition in China, Guangzhou .This spring is the 125th stage. What is a Canton fair or Canton fair?

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